How To Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1


‘How To Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1’ will be available in stores across North America through Where Publications


A USA TODAY #1 Humor Best-seller and Barnes & Noble #1 Best-seller


23rd April 2019



Less than a year ago, Oobah Butler was living in a garden shed in London, struggling to pay rent and living on a diet of boiled eggs. It’s safe to say that he hadn't achieved much with his life. Yet just a year on, on the back of three documentaries that have been viewed over 150m times, he’s won awards, been featured on TV all over the world and has been lauded by critics, commentators and serial achievers across the globe. How did everything turn for him? With an idea. Since he came with the Shed at Dulwich, the world’s most famous restaurant that never existed, Oobah’s life has been completely transformed. Fantastic, of course, but it made no sense. How could something he’d invested such little care and emphasis in be so impactful? Could this be the key? So he asked himself the question: How would my life work out if I approached it with as little consideration and as much enjoyment as my fake restaurant? Can one achieve more in life if they cease to be so emotionally involved in their goals? In the modern age, has detachment become an unlikely bedfellow of success? This new book by Oobah Butler is based on a philosophy built around this very stupid thing he did.


Politiken: Danish Newspaper Cover Feature 6th April 2019.

‘Interview on VICE LIVE (US Cable) with Oobah Butler’ 20th March 2019.

‘How To Bullsh*t Your Way To Number 1’ Manhattan Billboard’ 11-25 March 2019.

‘Trolling Fashion Week And TripAdvisor: Filmmaker Oobah Butler Shares Social Engineering Secrets’ Book announcement, FORBES US, December 5th 2018.

‘I am Oobah, the weirdo who made TripAdvisor’s #1 fake Restaurant + other films/articles on VICE. I noticed people discussing my stuff on here. AMA’ Reddit Ask Me Anything Interview, December 29th 2018 (With 35 thousand upvotes, it trended across the front page of Reddit, and sent the book to #1 pre-sales in Self-help & Psychology, Humour on Amazon US).


‘Can News Amuse?’ Interview on BBC Radio 4 Today Show Podcast, December 2018.

‘A chat with Oobah Butler’ Interview on Canal Plus (French TV), January 2019.

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